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Trojan Magnums-3pk This Condom is uniquely shaped to provide ultimate satisfaction for you and your partner. Lubricated for comfort and sensitivity. Electronically tested for reliability. 3 condoms per package Product Specifications

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Jul 16, 2013
Ego-stroke achieved. I've gone for ages in regular condoms, and always thought they were "that" tight for everyone. After the lady and I bought a huge fifty pack of regular condoms they seemed even tighter than most, I snapped and decided to try out some Magnums. Wouldn't you know? Been wearing the wrong condoms my whole life, and not a single partner bothered to clue me in. Not feeling like I'm wearing a tourniquet is amazing!

Advantages: - Again, aforementioned ego stroke.
- Actually being comfortable while being safe.
- Not feeling constricted.
- Doesn't try to slide off, or move around.
- It actually rolls all the way down.
- Self-validation.

Disadvantages: - I'd complain about them costing more, but there is more material, they fit WAY better, and they also come with, free of charge, a sense of smug satisfaction when you run into anyone else buying condoms.
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Jul 27, 2014
I was always worried that if I tried a bigger condom, I would find out they weren't necessary. I'm glad I risked it. They fit sooo much better, and of course there's that added ego boost. No reasonable complaints. There are the obvious drawbacks to sensitivity with any condom but they certainly don't make it so you can feel anything. If you're worried the possibility if guessing wrong as to whether you did the bigger size, they sell them individually at the Fascinations stores (sometimes 3 individuals is cheaper than the boxed three-pack). Next time you're in there, buy an individual one and try it on with no one around. If it doesn't work out, no one knows and if it DOES, well, congratulations, you hung mammajamma you.

Advantages: Ego boost
Comfortable--obviously not too tight

Disadvantages: Of course it'll never be like going without
If you happen not to have with you at the Right Moment, it can be kind of downer. Better stock up.
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Dec 30, 2013
I am a woman, and have used these during vaginal intercourse with a well endowed man. These are the larger condoms he preferred. We've used them every time we have had sex, and aside from one unfortunate snapping situation, they have done the job. To be honest, Trojans are not my favorites, but I don't hat them or anything.

Advantages: They offer more room for fellas with wider shafts, which provides that extra protection against size related breaking, which does happen. They also, according to him, don't detract from his enjoyment.

Disadvantages: I have had one snap on me, and the rubber smell is for some reason much stronger with Trojans in my experience.
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Daniel Ruiter
Aug 16, 2013
A great condom for those of us who broke the mold. I also find the better for covering large toys and the head of my Hitachi Magic Wand.

Advantages: A better fit for those well endowed, and works better for covering larger toys.

Disadvantages: loss of sensation (it is a condom after all)
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May 2, 2013
I am a very lucky girl to use these! Magnums are the go-to for my partner and I. While regular Trojans work in a pinch, these alleviate any worries about tears, blood-constriction, or discomfort. The large size fits perfectly for the thickness of my partner and can accommodate lengths much longer than normal sizes. I've heard of couples that still use regular size since they're cheaper but I feel the price is worth it. Occasionally my skin is sensitive to lubrication on other condoms but I have never had trouble with Trojans. The gold wrapper is a very classy bonus. Showing these to a girl will definitely get her interested.
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