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Feb 10, 2012
I purchased these clear Lucite heels with the thick ankle strap about 3 years ago for a Halloween party and they’ve been hiding in my closet for the last year. Despite my love of the outrageously comfortable shoes that Bordello makes (and that Fascinations sells!), these heels are rather uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Now, I am no stranger to sky high heels, as I wear them at the multiple costume parties I attend every year, but these are just not right. First, and most important, the base for the ball of your foot to rest on is not wide enough to be stable. The other major issue I have with this shoe is that the straps do not stretch at all, causing lots of friction and blistering.

So, unless you are planning on wearing them while sitting, lying down, or for less than 5 minutes, these probably are not the shoes for you. That said, they are sexy and inexpensive, so keep that in mind.

Advantages: Price

Disadvantages: Fit does not conform to feet after a while
Sole not wide enough for safe movement
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Apr 5, 2012
I bought these for my girlfriend to go along with her Halloween costume last year and she loves them. We originally bought these because they were on the cheaper end and we didn't think she would wear them ever again.

Recently, we've been playing around with lingerie/costumes/fetish clothing etc, in bed and now she likes to wear heels in bed, and this is one of the pairs she likes to use. They make her look and feel so sexy.

She has complained, however that the strap on top causes chaffing and rubbing on the top of the foot and so these probably should not be used if you plan on walking anywhere. Should pretty much use "just for show"

Advantages: Good price
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May 20, 2012
These shoes look super hot with any of my lingerie or role play looks. Hell, they look great on me when I am naked too. They are affordable and can match anything. However, they are not the most comfortable. The strap tends to be uncomfortable. I mostly just wear these ones in the bedroom.
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Aug 31, 2012
I haven't purchased these [YET], but my girlfriend let me borrow hers for a night at the club and OH MY GOSH, I am in love. Who knew tall shoes could be so comfortable?! I was able to be on my feet from 8 PM- 4 AM not problems at all! That has never happened before, not even with wedges! Will purchase as soon as I have the $$. In clear AND black.

Advantages: Surprisingly Comfortable!
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Oct 23, 2012
These shoes are stricky for sex (in my opinion) they hurt like heck to walk in, the strap on the top of the heel hurts the top of your foot so bad, would not recomend unless your planning on sitting or laying down with them.

Advantages: look super sexy

Disadvantages: they hurt so bad
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Oct 25, 2012
The plastic that the straps are made out of is really uncomfortable. When your feet sweat it make the plastic slip off or causes it to rub your skin and make it raw. The shoe it self is comfortable and the inside of the shoe is very soft but that plastic just makes it impossible for me to wear these for any extended period of time.
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Nov 3, 2012
I love these heels and I am so glad Fascinations carries them! I have been looking for awhile for clear heels. Not just regular completely clear in the platform, but the clear with the clear spikes inside the platform. The stores never have my size with the clear spikes they always try and give me the plain clear. I love the clear spikes inside the platform they give the shoes so much dimension when the black light shines through them they look so reflective and pretty.
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Nov 8, 2012
this was my very first pair of dancers shoes! love the plain clear plastic, you would normally think it looks cheap, but in person these shoes are super sexy. they give kind of a dim blue glow in the black light and they're tall enough for a platform which makes walking easier, but short enough to where stability isn't an issue!

Advantages: COMFORTABLE AND functional

Disadvantages: hard to make a clack with the heels cuz they're so short
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