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Feb 24, 2012
This has to be the second or third time I've actually purchased this lube!

For all you ladies out there who love a hot rod inside of them and love to feel it RAW!!! this is the lube for YOU!

Since this lube is water based, it is not as thick and annoyingly sticky as other sugar based lubes. This can work to your advantage as well if you are allergive to glycerin products.

Anywho, this lube starts to kick up a firey heat. The more passiontate you get, the hotter things start to cook at!

Advantages: Great and intense feeling for both partners
If passionate sex is engaged with kissing (missionary) the most intense results can be gained!

Disadvantages: May make you last only 5 minutes in bed due to the high intensity of this product :)))
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Oct 19, 2012
I am not a big fan of the warming type lubes and was a little wary to try this one but my boy friend insisted it would not irritate me as they usually do. The heat is mild but enough to get your body moving and feeling more intensely. It also stays pretty slick keeping things wet for hours of fun.
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Jul 29, 2012
Love this lube!!! Not messy at all and it turns the heat up with in seconds!!! My husband and i always try new lubes out and by far the JO brand has never faild us!!Love love JO LUBES!! For anyone out there who wants some heat between the sheets this is the lube for you by far my favorite out of the JO collection!!

Advantages: gets hotttt
not sticky
no mess
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Aug 11, 2012
My husband and I find this to be our favorite lube ever. It has a very subtle warming effect but really helps with ease of toys/fingers/hands/etc... It is not sticky and just a little goes along way. No taste in general so great for all kinds of foreplay. Inexpensive compared to many warming lubes.

Advantages: Inexpensive, warming, not sticky, tasteless

Disadvantages: none
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Aug 12, 2012
Ive bought several other lubes before trying to find which was the right one for me I decided I liked warming and of all the warming products I've tried this one is very good it doesn't burn or stay hot after use. I have used it with toys and with my partner and both ways it works very well

Advantages: Doesn't burn

Disadvantages: I use it really quickly
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Sep 8, 2012
Such an awesome product at a great price. This lube does everything just as it describes it. First off the lube does make everything nice and slippery without it being overly slippery. The warming sensation is really nice and of course is mainly for more pleasure for the female however it also adds a ton for the male. You have to buy it. It's such a great deal you can't possibly pass it up.
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Dec 13, 2012
Favorite warming lube ever! My gf and I love the Jo lube products and this one definitely lives up to the name. No bad odor, no irritation, no stickiness. Just straight pleasure. This lube is a favorite and really heightens the sensation. The warming is very subtle, but definitely noticeable. If you are looking for a good warming lube, look no further! System Jo H20 All the way!

Advantages: Well priced. Warming. Not sticky or messy. Easy to clean off. Doesn't dry out quickly.
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Dec 15, 2012
I've never been a huge fan of the warming lubricants. But my boyfriend made me get this one day. After using it I actually liked it! I've used a lot of warming lubricants before this one and they were always uncomfortable, sticky, and just doesn’t feel right when having sex. This lubricant feels good and doesn’t get to warm. Maybe I like it so much is because it is water base. If you don't like warming lubricants and want to try it again id say try this one out!

Advantages: not sticky and stays wet for a long time.
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Jan 23, 2013
Hmmm...I bought this thinking that the temperature sensation would be as strong as their cooling version, but alas, it is not.
I like that it's warm on contact (as opposed to having to freaking blow air on it to feel warm). It does give a slight warming sensation, but not nearly as much as I thought it would. it also didn't seem to be a viscous as the cooling version, either, way tackier for some reason.
Then again, I only tried to use this to aid in massage, and not as a lube, so perhaps I'll have to try that instead.

Advantages: Affordable

Disadvantages: First two ingredients are PARABENS, not very strong.
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Mar 22, 2013
This stuff is actually pretty nice. I had a hard time finding something that was warm. Not hot and not cold just warm. There was just no in between. But this was it. It worked great. i really did end up liking it and it wasn't super sticky but lasted. I'll probably try out others before buying this again just because it's nice to see what else is out there but I would recommend this.
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Apr 9, 2013
This lube may have been "designed specifically for women", but it definitely works great on me as well. If you're looking for something to add an extra kick to masturbation sessions or sex in general, this is an amazing product. It's safe for both partners, and the warming sensation really feels incredible. I particularly like using this with toys, because cold toys are absolutely no fun at all.
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Apr 18, 2013
Great Lube!!! It is not sticky or messy at all. The warming sensation is awesome as well! I have bought other warming lubes before but this one is one of our favorites! I also never really enjoyed water based lubes until I tried this one. Will surely keep buying this one!

Advantages: Price, smooth, warming sensation.
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May 10, 2013
Altogether, it would take a lot to separate me from this lube. I’ve recommended it to several friends and they’re just as pleased. The lube may appear to be a little expensive, but that being said… This personal lubricant goes very far. Try out any of the System Jo H20 Lubricants, you won’t regret it. Frustrated with lubricated condoms and so called “better than the real thing” lubes my other half and I went to the local adult fun store in search for the perfect personal lubricant|Lubricants to enhance our already amazing sex life. The all-knowing manager quickly directed us to Jo H20 Warming Lubricant|System JO H20 warming lubricant. The price made our college budget wallets whimper but we purchased the 2.5 oz size and scurried home.
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Jul 8, 2013
So I am a huge supporter of JO products and this is one of my favorites it gets to the perfect temp not to hot it is water based and with that a little bit goes a long way. No odder or taste which I s a plus and does not stain your sheets like sum if it ends up on something.
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Aug 14, 2013
I decided to buy this because I couldn't afford the one I was originally using at the time. Now this is my go to instead. Best part is it's water based! I do still use my other when I have the extra money but I usually use this one because it's just as good. The boyfriend seems to be okay with it to and seems to like it so that's always a plus! I think I've even used is for massages once? Because I ran out of massage oil! I really like this stuff and I would recommend this stuff to anyone that wants something good but not crazy expensive.
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Dec 7, 2013
I decided to try this after we tried the cooling version. The warming version was not very warming to me. I could feel a little bit of warmth, but not as strong as the cooling version. The lube itself was good for water based. It took awhile to become sticky and did need reapplied, but lasted longer than average. We will try another warming lube next time.

Advantages: smooth, silicone toy compatible

Disadvantages: Not very warm
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Dec 20, 2013
I have bought the system Jo cooling and liked it so i thought I would try the warming. The lube is pretty slick and gets really warm. I mean really warm! I like that I can use it with my silicone toys if I want. Like most water based lubes though, I found that it needs reapplied after a while.

Advantages: Very warming, water based

Disadvantages: Needs reapplied after awhile
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