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Brittany Laidlaw
Jan 13, 2012
PJUR is literally the only lube I will use. It is expensive but so worth it. It's feels extremely natural, and just the tiniest drop will keep you lubricated throughout sex. Great for anal and vaginal sex! I highly recommend this to anyone that is sick of cheap lube. So worth every penny.

Advantages: Feel's natural, a little bit goes a long way, and does not leave you feeling dirty, also it's really easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Little bit pricey, but a little bit goes a long way!
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Mar 13, 2012
I've used several bottles of Pjur Light. It's great lube and it works really well for all uses.

Advantages: Feels "natural" and it's easy to wash off. Unscented, tastes neutral. Best lube I've used in some time. It doesn't seem to be affected by feminine lubrication as some other products are.

Disadvantages: More expensive then some and the name is not particularly sensible. (Created by nordic chemists, perhaps?)
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Apr 6, 2012
A thin, light, slippery sensation that lasts and lasts. Works well for massage and other uses.

It works, but I've used better. My wife and I prefer the KY equivalent as a personal lube, which has a nicer pricetag as well, though the KY has no cross-over uses for massage like this does.

Advantages: A thinner formula that to me feels far more natural as a lubricant.
A little goes a LONG way: outlasts similar sized competitors about twice as many uses.
No unpleasant smell

Disadvantages: Unpleasant taste. Not severe, but unpleasant.
The thin formula can be too thin if used in intercourse. Natural bodies responses added to even a couple of drops, reducing sensation.
Removing requires soap and scrubbing, so adding a bit too much is harder to correct, and more noticeable.

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Jun 21, 2012
I've tried a decent amount of lubricants and this one is top notch. It's usually used for foreplay to get the girlfriend warmed up. Pjur light works great on rough hands, to simply moisturize or to get them slippery before touching the girlfriend. It doesn't get sticky just like is says and it lasts pretty long before simply soaking in. A little goes a long way so even though it's $25 a bottle it lasts over a month with fairly heavy use. Highly recommended and will be purchasing again.

Advantages: Fairly Priced
Lasts Long
Doesn't Get Sticky
Don't Have To Use Much

Disadvantages: None
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Jul 13, 2012
This is a great lubricant! My husband and I use it for massages, with other toys, or to just get the fun started right away. It's not oily and doesn't leave any residue on your skin. Although the price is a bit higher than other lubricants, it's definitely worth the money and will last you for a while.

Advantages: Moisturizing
Not oily
Works quickly and effectively
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Aug 9, 2012
I've used this brand for years. The newer formula is the light one which I personally didn't mind. My boyfriend on the other hand didn't think it was as good as the original formula. I liked that it feels like nothing is actually on you, but at the same time we found that we were using much more of the new formula than we did with the previous one.

Advantages: Very light feeling. No stickiness

Disadvantages: Using much more!
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Sep 10, 2012
Pjur is by far the best lube on the market! If you have not tried pjur you have no idea what you are missing. It is slightly more expensive, but in the end you will pay less because of how long this product will last you. Only a few drops will last you your entire session. The pjur light is a great product because it stays wet forever and lasts even longer then the normal pjur bottle.
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Dec 6, 2012
PJUR is definitely one I had to get used to. Price scared me a bit, but LOOOOONG lasting, so it makes up for it. Has a very unique light/soft feeling to it. If you are used to water based, it will take a little getting used to.
Little saliva gets it ready to roll again.
No need to use a lot; a little does go a long way.

Advantages: Long lasting
Soft Feel

Disadvantages: Price
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Mar 28, 2013
I love it. It's really thin and you don't have to use much. It mimics what my body already makes. And my bf that doesn't like too much lube, liked it. It works great with my vibe too. It has no odor. Overall it's a great product and I will buy it over and over again. Better than anything else I've tried.

Advantages: Awesome

Disadvantages: Price
You may need to put a towel down so it doesn't stain your sheets bc it is silicone based.
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