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4 In Mini Butt Plug

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Jan 14, 2012
This is a good deal for the price. It's nice and small so if you're looking for something to start out with this is a great find! The only down side is that since it is so thin it would be good to be a little longer so you get a little extra stimulation without going over board. The way the base is isn't the best design either, but it still is a great product over all.

Advantages: Good for beginning butt play and warming up.

Disadvantages: The base isn't the best design.
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Aug 3, 2012
I got this to add some spice to our normal routine and although I'm not in love with it, it is ok. It's a little small and there's really nothing to help keep it in place during sex. It's probably best for those just beginning in anal play, as it is quite small compared to the real thing or even others that you can buy. It was quite comfortable but it just didn't offer what we were looking for.

Advantages: Small; good for beginners

Disadvantages: Doesn't stay in place; small for those more experienced
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Jul 23, 2013
It's okay at best. It looked a little intimidating since I'm new to anal play but my even smaller toy did a better job at making its presence known. It's very soft so it was great at first but after you get used to it, it's hard to keep in. The handle/bottom part needs to be better designed or it needs to be harder. It doesn't have a strong smell so that's good and easy to clean but just from using it couple of times and cleaning it, there were little marks on the material. I don't think this will last too long.

Advantages: No smell, easy clean up.

Disadvantages: Too soft, inferior quality.
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Oct 22, 2012
This is the perfect toy for beginners to anal play. It is small enough to be used by first-timers, and it cleans easily. I'm not sure about the quality of the material, but it is a pleasantly squishy texture that's (all things considered) comfortable on the way in. For those more experienced with anal play, it might not offer enough stimulation, as the shape is pretty sleek. But it's a great basic toy to have.

Advantages: Small, good for first-timers, nice texture

Disadvantages: For experienced anal-players, might not offer enough stimulation. Does not stay in well by itself.
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Feb 21, 2012
my girlfriend was interested in anal play for the first time and we ran into this small sized butt plug. great price!
she was very satisfied with it. wish it was a little longer though, great bigginers butt plugg in my opinion.very soft and flexible. i even tried it on for size! loved it.

Advantages: biginners size
soft flexible material
easy to clean
not expensive

Disadvantages: not long enough.
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Kari Hart
Mar 17, 2012
This is a great toy for beginners. It's small and easy if you're just getting started with anal play. I got this toy awhile ago when my man and I fist started experimenting with door number two, and it was a good starter, how ever after awhile I found myself not using it at all because i had graduated to toys that were slightly bigger.

Advantages: ~great for beginners
~soft material
~good if you do not plan on further experimenting

Disadvantages: ~gets old after awhile
~becomes slightly pointless after graduating to bigger toys
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Mar 24, 2012
The mini-butt plug is an incredibly well priced 'intro' to butt plugs (particularly considering any plug of decent size or quality is usually 40-100 dollars!) However, it's very fragile (my initial cleaning of it left small tears in the surface) and it smells like a bad box of baby-powder. I recommend finding a way to scent it if you can, otherwise it's a decent 'starter' toy until you want to splurge on something better.

Advantages: Cheap, good for beginners.

Disadvantages: Weird smell, fragile.
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Apr 6, 2012
This is a good starter plug at a good price. Easy to use, a nice one to have in the arsenal.

Advantages: The base is a good size and it can be hands-free some of the time.

Disadvantages: On the small side, even for beginners. A bit more flexible than I was expecting.
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Rebecca Barnett
May 10, 2012
Love this toy, its perfect for a first try. Great size and very flex able. Its simple and does the job, fun to use with a partner. The size is perfect for travel, fits in any over night bag or purse. I would reccomend this one to anyone looking for a little something to spice things up in the bedroom.

Advantages: small and easy to use.

Disadvantages: none
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May 17, 2012
I agree that it is pretty good for just starting out with anal play. It's nice and thin, and I liked the flexibility of the rubber rather than having something more stiff. It's also very well priced, since it's essentially just a starter toy and as said above becomes a bit pointless if you plan to move onto others. It's not intimidating at all, which some of them can be when you're first looking for one.

Advantages: Small
Well priced
Easy to use
Excellent beginner toy

Disadvantages: You probably won't be using it forever
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Samantha Dolecki
Jul 21, 2012
I bought this to use while having sex vaginally but the plug wouldn't stay in. It doesn't have a taper after the wide base so there isn't much to hold it in place. It's good to use as a training plug but don't expect you use it for a long time.
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Sep 25, 2012
I got this for my boyfriend and me to start trying some anal play (with the both of us). We tried it on me first, and I have to say that it was a little big for me and then him too. We decided to start with beads first and then try this and now we like it a lot. It can stay in during sex for me if hes behind me and it provides a good pressure/stimulation.

Advantages: Good for the price

Disadvantages: Too big for first anal toy
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Lynn J.
Dec 23, 2012
I'm going to come right out and say it--this toy is NOT good for beginners. I'm a complete newbie to anal play, and bought this thinking that the softer material and relatively small girth would be helpful as a starting point.

Boy, was I wrong.

First off, it was too soft to insert properly, even with my partner's help. It flopped all over the place, and had to be sort of squished up in there to go in.

Then it wouldn't stay in at all, not even when I sat upright with my legs together and muscles tightly clenched. It squirted out when I made the slightest movement (in several positions, I might add).

And to add insult to injury, I couldn't even feel it while it was in. Too small, too soft, I don't know, but it was a disappointment. (My husband, who is much more experienced with toys like these, had a similarly bad experience. We've since tried MUCH better toys and enjoyed them immensely.)

Advantages: I really can't see any advantages to a toy that doesn't get you off. It's not good for beginners if it's so frustrating that a beginner (to anal play, if not sex toys in general) is ready to give up on anal play altogether when they're done trying it!

Disadvantages: Lots. See my comment above. Too soft, too small, not enough of a size change at the base to be kept in by muscles alone. I couldn't even get it to stay in when I held it there with my hand.

I just don't recommend this toy at all.
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Jan 4, 2013
This was my first butt plug and I was quite impressed. It's small enough to go in easily and without pain but still feels good. We used it with a strap-on and it worked quite well for that purpose too. It was a good price as well.

Advantages: Good for first-time anal play, can be used with a strap-on harness and tiny o-ring

Disadvantages: Slipped out easily, not quite rigid enough
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Taylor Fields
Feb 1, 2013
This is the first butt plug I've ever had, so don't consider me a butt plug expert. That being said, I think this is a very good first butt plug. The size is not intimidating at all, it bends a little too much for my preference, but I find it very comfortable in my ass. My boyfriend had no problem working it into my ass. There was not too much stretching, so I think for my next one I'd like something bigger, but for my first one, it was very pleasurable. A must-buy for ass play beginners. Also, the flat phlange makes double-penetration very easy, without a lot hanging out and jabbing your partner.

Advantages: Thin, large, flat phlange, good for beginners.

Disadvantages: Too flexible, not as much stretch as some may want.
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Andy C
Feb 12, 2013
We got this as a starter for anal play for my wife. The size is great, small and non-intimidating. It works great to warm things up a bit but I don't think it is a long-term product - at some point you have to upgrade. This is a good starter but the allure seems to wear out quickly before upgrading.

Advantages: Great small starter size, good price

Disadvantages: Comes out easily when moving around or changing positions, product is very soft (ours got a crack in the base of it from bending).
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Mollie Friedman
Feb 21, 2013
my first time ever attempting anything anal. this was a great size because its large enough to feel it and make an impression but small enough that it didn't hurt. it is flexible so you can be comfortable. very easy to clean. great for beginners like myself or even just as a warm up.

Advantages: easy to clean, flexible, not too big and painful. great for beginners.

Disadvantages: falls out because of the base not being the greatest design.
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Melissa Blaine
Mar 19, 2013
I am in shock that anyone gave this product a positive rating I bought this thinking that it would be a good way to introduce myself to anal but the product is so flexible and bendable that insertion is beyond difficult. As difficult as it is to insert keeping this in place is a joke. I actually threw this toy away after one use because it was useless. If you are new to anal sex or anal play I recommend either getting a small plug with more stability or trying some small anal beads.

Advantages: Nothing

Disadvantages: No stability ( it is considered a jelly toy )
Difficult to insert and nearly impossible to keep in
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Carmen Guerra
Sep 2, 2013
This is the only butt plug I have ever tried. I am in no way an expert! But I have to say that it works great for beginners. It is not an intimidating size. It is easy to insert. I did have trouble keeping it in during dp. I had to hold it in during sex. It was not uncomfortable at all.

Advantages: Good size, inserts easily, great for beginners

Disadvantages: Doesn't stay in well, could use some ridges for the internal stimulation.
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Sep 7, 2013
I chose this as my first plug because it was so small and approachable. For anal training, it did the job, and I only used it for a week before moving on to larger sizes. It's definitely a good starting point, but there are inconveniences.

My muscles were literally PUSHING it out the second it was left in. We had to hold it there in order to use it, which is not fun and sexy and relaxing, like anal training should be. Maybe not everybody's muscles will do this, but with such a wide stem above the flange, I wouldn't be surprised. If you intend to use it to do some gentle penetration, then this toy might be for you.

Additionally, while the soft texture was nice in the beginning, it's pretty unsatisfying once you gain some experience. I find it rather unappealing. I keep the toy around for nostalgia's sake, but that's the only reason.

Advantages: Great size for beginners, very approachable, easy to insert.

Disadvantages: Very uniform width means it slips out constantly.
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Oct 3, 2013
i bought this to spice up my wife and i's normal sex routine and i have to say as a beginner toy she loved it, the size was perfect for what we trying to do. And like everyone else we had trouble keeping it in but we still use it. For a starter anal toy this thing is perfect!!!!

Advantages: light weight
small size
easy to clean

Disadvantages: kept coming out during sex
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Gee & En
Dec 31, 2013
This is a great beginner butt plug. Not too intimidating and will get you used to the feel of butt play. It doesn't have a large flare to keep it in place so it will probably slip out. You will probably grow out of it quickly but it is a good starting point if you are just getting started.

Advantages: non threatening

Disadvantages: will need something bigger fairly quickly
will slip out
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