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Jan 27, 2012
The form 2 is very powerful... but I just didn't love the shape with the double prong. It is definitely sexy to look at and works great for stimulating the nipples as well as for the clitoris, but I can't help but think it would have been more thrilling with a different shape altogether.
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Naughty trix's husband
I bought this for my wife as a surprise after she saw it in the store and mentioned it. Well made and easily concealable, waterproof. Its now the favorite toy. Superpowerful! We joke that if I ever loose my engraver the form 2 can be used as a replacement. It's on the more expensive side but a quality product worth the price. A definite 5 star.
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Feb 8, 2012
So, Iíll be honest, when my fiancťe and I got the form 2 in the mail, we ripped it out of the packaging and went straight for the bedroom. We didnít realize it has to charge on a cradle, we should have read the box closely. We let it charge for an hour (directions suggest 8 hours), and used it. To me, it didnít seem as powerful as anticipated, but we still had a blast, might have been the poor charge we gave it.

After a full 8 hour charge I discovered that the Form 2 is amazingly powerful, in fact I was pleasantly surprised the 2nd time we used it at full charge and I was in bliss within seconds. I discovered a really fun way to make each time different (besides changing the vibe settings): instead of putting the ďearsĒ on the left and right of the clitoris, try setting the ears on the top and bottom of the clitoris. Whee! I would have liked the ears to be a little more flexible, or at least a tiny bit further apart, but really, that's not a deal breaker at all.

Advantages: Waterproof (take it in the shower!)
Very soft
The highest setting is uber strong

Disadvantages: Recommended 8 hour initial charge
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Feb 20, 2012
We bought the Form 2 on a whim after seeing the large decals on the doors of our store for several trips. I have to say, it was a remarkable purchase. I've nicknamed her "Bunny" and the little ears do amazing things. The vibrator fits nicely in your hand, and has several different settings. The vibrations are fairly strong, and it runs pretty quietly as well. This is a great alternative to a boring, old bullet, and works much better than any other bullet I've ever used.

Advantages: Strong vibration, Different vibration settings, Small and comfortable form, Pretty quiet

Disadvantages: No penetration, Very direct vibrations
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Mar 16, 2012
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This little thing has so much more power than I thought it would, with it being so tiny. I have now replace all of my other vibes, with this one. I can't say enought good things about it. It also leaves me speechless...

Advantages: OH MY GOODNESS!!!

Disadvantages: I CAN'T THINK OF ANY
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janelle gambino
Feb 2, 2012
Would gladly give this product a great review! I am petite and think it is just the perfect size, with the perfect pleasure!:)
Not to mention LOVE the color!

Advantages: lightweight
nice after work release

Disadvantages: i could see how some people might think it is too small given the size of things i have seen rammed in the adult entertainment business.
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Feb 3, 2012
I consider myself somewhat of a vibrator connoisseur, and this is definitely my favorite! It stays charged for awhile, is waterproof, and is so cute when it is displayed in it's charger that I don't even mind leaving it out. The vibration modes are fantastic and very powerful. It is definitely my go-to vibe and I would (and have) recommend it to anyone. The only thing that is the "ears" aren't quite as flexible as the description makes them out to be. Trust me, this doesn't matter.

Advantages: Smooth, Powerful, Easy to use, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Long battery life
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Feb 3, 2012
Love this vibrator! Since I prefer clitoral stimulation, it worked great for me. It is also so powerful that I don't have to put it on the highest setting for it to work for me. It was a little hard to get it just right on the charging platform so it would charge. Would definitely buy this again.

Advantages: Powerful, small, simple.

Disadvantages: A little hard to charge.
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Feb 10, 2012
I bought this for my wife as a present. I told her it was the most expensive vibrator I've ever bought and she thought I was crazy spending as much as I did...

Now she's used it she's convinced it's worth every penny. She loves it and I love playing with her and her Form 2.

Advantages: Rechargable Battery.

Powerful twin motors really seal the deal.


Disadvantages: Button positions are easy to hit unintentionally.
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Feb 15, 2012
We started off with bullets and went through many batteries. The form 2 is rechargeable and you will see a major saving v. purchasing batteries and replacing bullets that break often.

Price may seem a bit steep but it is well worth it. Have had it for a year and it still going strong.

Advantages: Compact in size, waterproof, good battery life, discreet, strong vibration, variety of different vibrating settings (something for everyone)

The material does not irritate and is made of silicone which is very easy to clean

Disadvantages: After my girlfriend has used it for a while she began to complain about the quality of vibration ( I would recommend charging often even though they can go nights without charging)

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matt & jessica
Feb 17, 2012
Bought this as a replacement for all the bullets, with cords, that we were destroying.

Advantages: It has a has a good battery length of use on it, a great vibe, and several settings. Its also nice that it's water proof. I dislike having to take the batteries out of devices to wash and dry them. It is a hard vibe, but the material is durable and doesn't stick to your skin. It has one motor in each prong, so whatever is between them, gets plenty of vibration.

Disadvantages: We weren't crazy about the shape with the two prongs at the end, but they have their uses. We have a hard time with the vibe portion being at the smaller end, if we decide to do anything hands free.
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Holli Jo
Mar 17, 2012
I will be honest, the price tag on this scared me a little! Boy was it worth it. If you prefer clitoral stimulation, this is the toy for you! I love that it is completely waterproof! It makes bath time so much more fun. The speeds and patterns are perfect and will have your head spinning in ecstasy! This is by far my favorite toy!

Advantages: Waterproof
Great speeds
Battery charge

Disadvantages: None that I have found yet!
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Apr 21, 2012
Well the price scared me, But the wife wanted it so get it we did. I must say WOW for it's size this thing has great power.

Advantages: Small
Powerful for its size
Has it's own batteries
Love how it looks

Disadvantages: Price.
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Apr 24, 2012
After a Fascinations employee recommended the Form 2, I opted to purchase a much cheaper waterproof toy last year. I was on a budget as my husband & I were expecting a baby. I thought it would be "good enough," but it was no where near as powerful & just didn't do the trick. Finally, after the birth of my first child, I broke down & splurged on the Form 2 and am not disappointed!

Advantages: powerful, small, waterproof, rechargeable battery

Disadvantages: Must be positioned just right in order to charge, and is easily knocked out of position on the charging station.
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May 4, 2012
OMG -- she LIKES IT! My playmate REALLY likes likes the new toy I brought home, the other day. This is one VERY intense plaything. I though she was going to pass out, the first time I introduced her to it. GREAT PRODUCT -- weeeeeeeeeeee!

Advantages: Strength, dual-"ear" design, materials of construction, quality.

Disadvantages: I'm not a big fan of rechargeable toys, 'cause if they run out in the middle of "play time", your done (very disappointing). But, that said, this thing claims to last 7 hours on a charge, and that's certainly more than the two of us last, so it's not a big issue. Just remember to put it back on the charge, and you're "good to go".
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May 10, 2012
The Form 2 was my first major investment in a vibrator, and the investment has completely paid off! It is small, light, fits easily in the palm, and is extremely quiet for such a powerful vibration.

Advantages: Rechargeables are EXTREMELY advantageous! Also like how discreet and unassuming the design is.

Disadvantages: I personally don't have any need to use all 5 vibration styles, but perhaps others enjoy that variety.
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May 18, 2012
Being an older couple we have been through a number of toys over the years and I must say my wife has found this amazing toy to be one of her favorite ones. Its some much fun for me to use on her clit during oral sex and to watch the reaction on her face. Very powerful toy..

Advantages: power, waterproof

Disadvantages: haven't found one yet..
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May 27, 2012
The Form 2 is very powerful with its two motors. I enjoy the split down the middle as I can position the toy on both sides of my clit and be surrounded by vibrating fun. It is nice and small and would be great for travel (the size and the shape is discreet).

Advantages: Size and power.

Disadvantages: Haven't found one yet.
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May 31, 2012
One of my friends raved about this toy for months before I actually bought on for myself. At the time I was single. When I finally had the opportunity to use it, it blew my mind. Now, my husband and I use it when we are traveling. It makes the bedroom more exciting for the both of us. Plus when he is away, I can still play! Definitely worth the investment.

Advantages: Clitorus stimulation, various vibrate options, and appends, discrete and compact, waterproof and rechargeable
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Jun 9, 2012
This is easily the most fun I have ever had when using a vibrator on a female partner.

Not only did the flexible arms carry the vibrations well, but they were also firmly flexible to position on either side of the clit with consistent pressure.

Using it on myself (male) was also enjoyable.

Advantages: Durable and compact shape makes it ideal for storage.

Powerful motor gives consistent vibrations without any rattle.

Flexible nubs for exact positioning

Easily accessible buttons
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Jul 3, 2012
The best all around little external stimulant yet.

This one is a little different than most because its meant for clitorial and labial stimulation and works pretty well.

Sales clerk was (they always are) very knowledgeable on product selection.

Advantages: rechargable
long lasting between charges
different settings let you find what works best

Disadvantages: not for internal stimulation if you wanted multi-purpose
not as powerful as I thought it would be
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Jul 20, 2012
I saw this kind of product first in adult films. I always wanted to buy this product but couldn't able to find for long time. Then I saw form 2 in fascination store and that moment I have decided to buy form 2. I love the color as pink is my favorite color. It is a great product and have recommended to my friends.

Advantages: It gives great pleasure. I love the color. The most advantage of this product is it's size and it is a waterproof product.

Disadvantages: I don't feel any disadvantage of this product.
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Jul 22, 2012
Awesome vibrator! The only problem I have had with it is that on the highest vibration setting the vibration will "act up" and make a bit of noise and this problem arose soon after buying it. But other then that, its great with its all of its settings. Really the best part is that it charges instead of taking up batteries, which means it is also water proof.

Advantages: Chargeable, waterproof, multiple settings

Disadvantages: The vibrator mechanism started acting up soon after I got it and doesn't work properly on the highest setting
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How How
Oct 14, 2012
This product is absolutely amazing. The only reason it did not receive 5 stars is because I had warranty issues with the company, but Fascinations returned and provided me with a new one! With that being said, if you would like to add some powerful orgasms in your bedroom pick this one up. Well worth the coin!

Advantages: Waterproof, rechargeable, multi-vibe settings.

Disadvantages: Do not charge even the least bit wet!
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Aug 13, 2012
There's honestly nothing bad that can be said about this little thing. It packs a lot of power into something so tiny. It's on the pricey side, but given all of the pros, that can be overlooked... twice. My first one actually got chewed up by a dog--my fault for leaving it out. When I bought the replacement the associate informed me that JimmyJane does full replacement if you have a receipt. I never followed up on this, as the receipt was likely buried somewhere, so I'm not sure if that's correct. But if so, that's awesome.

This thing is awesome. It has a locking ability for travel (hold the top and bottom-most buttons--not the middle one--at the same time for a couple seconds. Do it again to unlock), I think five different intensities, and four patterns. Every person can find their favorite or play around with it. It's small and not intimidating to bring into sex with your partner.

Advantages: No cords, holds charge for a while, powerful, internal battery, locking ability, easy to clean, choices :)

Disadvantages: on the pricey side, but worth it
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