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Feb 27, 2012
Didnt care for the flexible neck on the wand. & the rubber "head" of the wand absorbs the the clitoral stimulation i was looking for just wasnt there. Not strong enough i suppose.

Think it would be great if you're sensitive

Advantages: The length & width of the wand handle was ideal! very easy to hold in my tiny hands


Disadvantages: flexible neck keeps from stimulating the same spot

rubber head absorbs the majority of the vibration
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Jan 27, 2012
The Body Wand does absolute wonders. The different massage intensities are a real plus. It's easy to decide which level you prefer on different occasions. And the size of this product is very convenient. It is small enough to go anywhere with me but big enough for the perfect grip. I Love this massage toy. I can use it anywhere and the vibrations are still quiet and discreet. Perfect for when my girlfriend and I sneak around.

Advantages: The advantages are that it is small and easy to carry around. The vibration is nice and quite no matter which level you have it on.

Disadvantages: One big disadvantage was the use of batteries. They die out too quickly when you use a product as much as I do.
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Jul 30, 2012
This product is compact, discreet and convenient. The Mini Wand can be taken everywhere, concealed in a purse, stashed in a glove compartment or put into a good sized pocket. The jeweled handle is classy and stylish, making it the perfect partner in crime ;) Due to its reliance on batteries, the Mini Wand may not have the endurance of other toys but is great for quick, on the go fun. The batteries don't last long in this toy if it is used daily, but rechargeable batteries help alleviate that issue, I recommend keeping a charged back up pair with the toy. The settings on this toy aren't intensely strong but they are enough to get satisfaction in time sensitive situations.
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Jan 1, 2013
The wand was a decent toy. I think it was worth its price. The bendable head wasn't terrible, but I could've done without. A lot of the vibrations seemed to be absorbed by the product or some weird outside force. Because I didn't feel it too much on my clitorous, which was a little dissapointing. Overall it feels good on the bottom on my feet not in between the sheets.

Advantages: Very quiet,
pleasing to the eye,
decent toy,
good for other uses

Disadvantages: Could have been stronger
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Jan 24, 2013
This toy is okay, its convient in size and easily goes from soft to powerful vibration. It does have a decent level of power but it is really loud. I didnt like how quick the batteries ran out and how small the head of the wand is. I do like that it is more of a blunt rounded pressure and not super pointy and hard like other mini clitoral vibrators. Overall its okay, works well, cheap price, and convenient size.
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Mar 9, 2013
I was VERY surprised by this small toys power! i love that its small and discreet. Its easy to adjust the speed and easy to hold. rhinestones are a cute detail to the product. fun toy to use alone or to spice up with a partner or to use with other toys.

Advantages: the small size is a plus, you can bring it anywhere. its very strong for its size. feels great! takes a bit to get used to if youre sensitive but being able to adjust the speed as you go is nice.

Disadvantages: It was louder then i expected but pretty quiet for its size i guess.
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Mar 30, 2013
This toy is cute and surprisingly powerful! Of course nothing can hope to compare to the magical Hitachi, but the Hitachi has a cord and is rather large. If you want something with the feel of a Hitachi without the bulkiness then this is perfect (a travel size version if you will). Like I said, it's not like the full size one, but this definitively gets me off without a problem!

Advantages: Cute, surprisingly powerful, no cords, small travel friendly size

Disadvantages: I just wish that it took AA or AAA batteries, but sadly it takes watch batteries (which I think are a pain).
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Apr 19, 2013
I bought this about a month ago. I really like how small it was. I really thought it was cute with colors and how the on button has really cute rhinestones! When I started using it, it was amazing, the power was great for how small it was. After a few uses it died. Also not a good toy to use if you like to use lube
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Jun 20, 2013
I bought this as a substitute for the mini wanachi since they are now so crappily made.
This toy is so quiet, I can sneak playtime while my guy is catching up on work at night. It is also really powerful for the size, the only bad part is that it only takes watch batteries and doesn't last very long. (Maybe and hour on medium) oh and it doesn't have a smooth incline of vibration speeds, it stops when you are turning the dial then adjusts to the new speed.

Advantages: Quiet, powerful

Disadvantages: Needs watch batteries, doesnt last long, the vibration intensity doesnt have a smooth adjustment.
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Alex Salazar
Jun 21, 2013
I really like how small this toy is and how easy it was to use. I really like how quickly it would work and how powerful it was. one disadvantage was that mine died really quick. I have purchased two of these over the course of 4 months. I don't know if I use it a lot or what, but mine would go pretty quick. I would suggest not using lube with this toy just because the power/battery source is so close the head of the vibrator. but besides it dying really quick. I am going to try and get one for one last try because I really like the way it felt and how small it was.
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Sep 6, 2013
"Body Wand" well, my boyfriend and i call it the "wonder wand". This little vibe is my favorite! Very small and convenient I can take it just about everywhere. Very quiet and powerful. The watch batteries are a hassle but a AA or AAA batterie wouldn't nearly be as powerful .. so iv been told. I love it, cheap, and worth every penny.

Advantages: Quiet.
Great variety of colors to choose from.
Water proof.

Disadvantages: Batteries run out quickly.
Rubber cap tends to go from snug to loose with time.
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Oct 12, 2013
we bought this because we heard very good things about these and they were right this thing is amazing it can go at just the right speed. there isn't anything i can say that is bad about this thing i think its well worth the price we highly recommend this it is one we use very often.

Advantages: just the right speed

Disadvantages: nothing
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janelle gambino
Dec 7, 2013
love the body wand mini! from the perfect color,size and shape to the intensity level with ease of control. makes everything around you just disappear and you get lost in almost bliss.

Advantages: the price is great, very affordable. the perfect size for the perfect feel. my husband loves using this on me to see me squirm from delight. it makes for a fun night in the bedroom and under the sheets.

Disadvantages: only gave four stars because i feel like its not fair to use watch batteries, not around my house like AA or AAA and sometimes right when things are getting really good it will die and then the moment is gone trying to find new batteries
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May 21, 2014
I own two of these little guys. They are actually incredibly powerful for how small they are. I tend to be pretty sensitive down stairs, and I've tried other vibrating toys before, usually they are just too much, and they die so quickly. These guys are just the right size, with adjustable vibration, and the battery life is great so far. I've had them about two months and they are still as powerful as the day I bought them.

p.s. They are great for nipples and other small sensitive places as well.

Advantages: Long battery life, small and compact, powerful for the size.

Disadvantages: Cleaning can be a bit tiresome because of the little cover nub thing.
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May 29, 2014
This little toy is a GREAT vibrator. Also its adorable right? For the size it packs a great punch. This is better than any bullet I've ever tried. It has good power and isn't too loud. It also is nice and portable. Of course its no comparison to the full size body wand. Overall I would recommend this to anyone. Especially for the great price.

Advantages: Portable

Disadvantages: Leaves you wanting the full size body wand.
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Jun 5, 2014
Very Quiet and Cute. The rubber head feels nice and easy to clean. Easy for partner to control and even easier forgoing solo.

Advantages: Small and easy to handle.... Discreet and very very quiet for those times you need to be quiet.... I also own the big version of it. Very nice

Disadvantages: The rubberized flexible head was a bit flimsy.... Would've just been better to make it stiff....
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Jun 20, 2014
I bought this as my first vibrator. It's wonderful for women who prefer more penetration then clit stimulation. My boyfriend has even used it on me. The tip curved is added for pleasure which works. This product is an excellent one. Do not recommend submerging in water.

Advantages: Extremely easy to clean and keep clean. Smoother than a babies bum. Tip curved added for pleasure which works.

Disadvantages: I used it in the bath with the lid not tight enough and ruined the vibration forever.
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Aug 9, 2014
My partner wanted to try one of the hitachi wands and I was a little skeptical so we decided to try this little guy as a trail. I love it! Its so small its easy to travel with it discreetly or use wherever. The cute jewels on the bottom actually help with the grip and they haven't fallen off yet like some other toys I've gotten. I enjoy it so much we are thinking of getting the bigger toy in the same line to use at home!

Advantages: It is small and quiet so its easy to travel with. The vibration is very powerful. And the vibration is easily adjustable. Its small enough to use as a couple too! The head is soft and comfortable.

Disadvantages: The flexible head is a little too flexible sometimes which can make it difficult to keep it on just the right spot for couple use. The ridges on the head can make it a little more challenging to clean because they are so small.
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