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Mar 6, 2012
Probably will be the most expensive panties you will ever buy but believe me, they are worth every penny! I bought these so my girlfriend wear them while we make out and start getting thugs heated. This is a great way to skip long foreplay as well, so all you guys who just want to get too, I highly recommend these panties!

Advantages: Great overall stimulation
Fits perfectly
Comfortable to wear
Can be use by both sexes
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Diane M Morris
May 25, 2012
These panties may be expensive but well worth it! My husband thought it would be fun to get these. So I wore them on our date night out and gave him the controls. Much to my surprise he took the control into the resturant with us and turned it on periodically through out dinner. he had me so hot and excited I could hardly wait to get to the car and when we did get to the car it was on. I love them!!!!
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Oct 16, 2012
Three stars is me being extremely generous. These panties were the most expensive pair of panties I have ever owned and the least practical. First off, they were way too tight not very much stretch to them as indicated by the description. Next the vibrations were a little loud so I didn't want to chance wearing them in public and someone hearing the vibrations. Lastly the vibrations weren't all that great, you can get better stimulation from the washer on the spin cycle.
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Jul 7, 2012
My husband bought this for me as a surprise for my birthday, so I decided to wear it out the night that we went to celebrate. Of course I gave him the remote. None of the people we were eating with could hear the vibrations, but at times id have to bite my lip from how good it felt. Overall, it's comfortable, can be used from a good distance, and definitely feels amazing. Although it is very expensive it is worth the money and will lead to a lot of random sex when you wear it out.
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Jul 20, 2012
AMAZING a little expensive but well worth it. We had used other remote control toys and just slid them into panties but this one is so much better than anything we could throw together. My boy always loved coming home from work to find a little bow wrapped around the remote knowing that i was hiding somewhere in the house waiting for him. The excitement of finding me by following the sounds had him turned on that by the time he found me we were both ready to go .
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Pix Guru
Sep 9, 2012
Terrible waste of money! Makes me wonder if reviews on thiis site are real. Made so much noise your couldn't wear it discretely anywhere. All noise and hardly any vibration. Painties are practically child size as my wife is petite and they were way tight. With a no refund policy, it was a costly mistake!

Advantages: None

Disadvantages: Cheaply made
Hardy any vibration
Panties too small for a petite woman
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Dec 5, 2012
Not for those with sensitive skin! I had picked up these after my guy had talked about going to dinner and teasing me through the meal. When I took it out of the packaging, it had that strong, harsh, fresh from the factory scent. After hand washing it three times with no luck removing the scent, I decided to just try them anyway. The material is coarse. When I saw the picture of the lace I expected a little give. That is the one area of my body that demands a little TLC. The vibrator's one setting felt o.k. on its own, but inside the fabric it irritated my skin. I had to excuse myself to take it out. I would have been better off buying a bullet vibrator and creating a sleeve of my own in a satin thong.

Disadvantages: A waste of money!
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Dec 6, 2012
Great idea but quite uncomfortable. As others have mentioned, there isn't much stretch & the vibrations are louder & weaker than I had thought they would be. If you have don't have much junk in the trunk & are going to a loud party/event, give them a try. My husband & I played with them once & now I have no idea where they are. There are plenty of other options for fun foreplay.

Disadvantages: Uncomfortable, ill-fitting, loud, weak vibrations
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Apr 7, 2013
Who wouldn't want to be sitting in a restaurant or a movie theater and feel wonderful vibrations between your legs, while your partner gives you a sensual grin. Thats what I had hoped for when i bought these guys. You would think $100 for a pair of panties would be worth it. They were not bad but it didnt sit right to give me proper stimulation. I had better results with putting a remote control vibrator in my panties
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Aug 18, 2013
My wife loved this, made our dinner and a movie night even more special. Recommend this all couples looking for some spice while out on the town.

Advantages: Small and very mobile

Disadvantages: The range on the remote is short. Also there sometimes can be a delay from the remote to the device.
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Jun 12, 2014
For this much money you can make something 10 times better. It's so loud I don't know how anyone wears them out in public. It's all noise and very very little vibration. It's a nice idea to spice things up but not worth the price. Plus the panties never fit very well. It was fun to use when it gets used but definitely the last go to toy. Spend the money towards something a little more powerful, quiet, and that'll fit. I don't think I'd suggest this to anyone right now.
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