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Feb 26, 2012
THIS DROVE US WILD! GREAT FOR COUPLES! SUCH great tingling and vibrations! the vibrations are intense and last long time (great battery life). The dolphine is super cute and the design is very perfect for all the right spots!!! FIts most toys too and is just great! Its small and discreet, so great couples to to travel with too! We have two of these!

Advantages: Small yet powerful and fun! long battery life and GREAT vibrators
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Feb 28, 2013
Me and my boyfriend love trying new toys we heard about cock rings from a person working the floors. we never knew how to use them before that, now we love it. We picked up many different cock rings but this one was our favorite. It made me and him feel great. its easy to put on and easy to take off. i would suggest to put a tiny bit of lube if its hard to put on but you won't have any other problems. it's awesome.

Advantages: it pleasures both partners helps blood flow for the guy and stimulates the clitoris for the girl. close to your butt hole but surprisingly feels soo good. It vibrates!

Disadvantages: The batteries run out fast at times and if you use it excessively like we do the dolphin might rip.
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Nov 7, 2012
I personally did not care for this product at all. The bullets were not powerfull at all, I prefer a strong bullet and this one just could not keep up at all. My partner could hardly feel the vibration either. We ended up taking it off right away. Totally not worth the money for this one. If the vibrations was strong enought maybe this one would be a bit better but two thumbs down for me.

Disadvantages: the vibrator is to weak for my taste.
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Dec 11, 2012
As another reviewer has said the bullets are not strong. Would i say that this toy does not bring anything to the bedroom? Absolutely not! It definitely adds an edge, and did enhance orgasms.Especially if you are a female, this will hit some of the right spots! Just wish the bullets were stronger :(. There are better toys out there for the money though.

Advantages: Quiet. Efficient.

Disadvantages: Not the best
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Jan 21, 2013
My boyfriend bought this as a replacement for one of his older models. There are a couple of things about this product though that I would like to say. First of all, it works great for both ends! you have the double bullet vibes on the top and bottom of the toy, which make for great clit and anal stimulation. I promise they will leave you dripping wet! It also pretty much makes your man's cock feel like a vibrating dildo toy, which can be even kinkier!

There is however one small complaint I have to point out. If you do it too rough, the ring will start to move around and it can get a little annoying because the vibes will be out of place and kind of vibrating on your legs and ass.

Either way this is still an amazing product!

Advantages: Comes with two bullets
Cock Ring
Smooth and comfortable for both
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M. Vasquez
Feb 25, 2013
Wow drives my old lady crazy. She orgasms in half the time. The multi speed vibrators work wonders. They hit just the right spots for intense orgasms.

Advantages: Long battery life. Extra batteries included. Dual multi vibrators hit just the right spots. Product does not move once on penis.

Disadvantages: Product can get warm after extended use. Can cause some irritation on genital area for both. Hard to put item on if you have a Prince Albert piercing.
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Apr 7, 2013
Who doesnt like a little extra stimulation in there sex life?? This little guy adds an exciting addition to our life. It has a powerful vibration and sits just perfectly that both parties can feel great. I would suggest this for anyone looking for a little bit more stimulation. Adding some extra fun makes things better for everyone involved. I wouldn't trade this purchase for anything
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Aug 9, 2013
This is a great sex toy for couples. The design of it is what first intrigued us and we are very happy with it. I've never used a ring like this one and wasn't quite sure how it would work out but it ended up being one of the best toys we've ever bought. We both enjoy it because of the double vibrations so it's pleasure for both of us. The only thing I would recommend is making a rechargeable one because the batteries in this do not last long.

Advantages: Neat design
Great vibrations

Disadvantages: Batteries don't last long
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Mar 14, 2014
At first glance this you seemed very exciting. It's not our first cock ring me and my partner have purchased. But overall the product was just ok on my part. Not my favorite ring to use from our collection but at the same time not the least favorite. I would look for a different cock ring if this is a first time purchase.

Advantages: Dual vibrating bullets, cock ring fits very wells and expands well.

Disadvantages: Very bulky, tends to move around a lot depending on how wet it is down there, heavy on the dick.
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May 24, 2014
Super fun! My husband and I love using cock rings but this one by far is the best. We have tried many different kinds.. We enjoy the ones with the mini vibrators on them but this one is just so much better than the others because of the double vibration. It hits in the perfect spots for the ladies and feels great for the men.

Advantages: Front and back action is great. It can be pretty intense for any one new to or testing out the pleasures of the back door. Very fun intro to it! :D
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