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Jan 14, 2012
I purchased this at the urging of my girl. She seems to love but the battery ran out really quickly. Its comfortable and doesn't feel as restrictive like other things we have tried. Try turning it different ways for different effects.

Disadvantages: short battery life
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May 6, 2013
This ring gave me more please than anything I have husbanf was penetrating me while the bullet was giving me please by playing with my clit.I immediately climaxed was exhilarating
This is a definitely a five start toy with it and my hubby wat more canI ask for
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chris k rice
Jun 14, 2013
We picked this up on a flash sale and we love it. No problems with the batteries and it is very comfortable.

Advantages: It's a good snug fit without constricting to much. It works very well when she is on top.

Disadvantages: The bullet started to make a loud for a min then went away.
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i love this thing! the only problem is the battery ran out very quick. and sometimes the vibrations stop if too much pressure is applied. I put a cheap egg vibrator in the top when the battery ran out and that worked perfectly! hope this helps!
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Feb 11, 2012
Battery life is short; and there's an amazing reason for that. I remember when this toy first came out. It was on sale for about $55! I thought, wow that's pricey but after I was shown the demo models of what this baby is capable of and trust me, this ring is a MUST have.

If you love to please your woman, this makes the perfect clit stimulating ring. The vibrations have different channels/intensities and believe me, you can make the bull go mad (which is why the battery life gets drained really fast).

All in all, I would just recommend buying some extra batteries to go along with this purchase.

Advantages: Different levels of stimulation and vibration
Pleasures both the male and female
More intense female orgasms
Reduced price!

Disadvantages: Short battery life
Ring can feel a little heavy at first.
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Apr 19, 2012
At first glance, this cock ring looks pretty fancy and intricate. And it is. I have found that the simpler looking ones usually have a better fit and more comfortable feel than the fancier ones. The sensation this cock ring provides is pretty good but there are a few downsides. The rubber material is not a good feeling on your cock without any lube. If you buy this product YOU MUST USE LUBE. Also, the fit is pretty bad, it was tight on me and the material is not flexible enough to allow room for a comfortable fit. I would recommend the Elastomer or the Iconic cock rings.

Disadvantages: Bad fit
Rubber is uncomfortable
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Aug 18, 2012
Bought this for my husband to give us alittle something extra and love it at first just wish the battery would last longer!! My husbands says its very comfortable to ware and i love the feeling i get from it but the battery life is not the best, needs to come with a more powerful battery life.

Advantages: Comfortable

Disadvantages: Needs a longer battery life
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Sep 11, 2012
An amazing cock ring when your lover actually uses it the way it should be. At first he was just going t it like always. He then decided to lean forward slightly to keep the bull on my clit while still getting shorter strokes in. This got me off a couple of times over the next thirty minutes. Totally worth the money and it seemed to fit my husband okay even though he's a thicker guy.
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Oct 29, 2012
Purchased this for use with the hubby. After some initial struggling to get the ring on, everything went VERY well. We both enjoyed this one plenty. The vibrator was perfectly positioned and did the trick just fine. Very short battery life, so make sure you have a spare set laying around. Nothing as bad as running out of vibes halfway there!

Advantages: - good fit
- excellent positioning/vibrations
-looks pretty

Disadvantages: - initial discomfort putting it on. Maybe we should use lube in the future.
- battery life is very short
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Dec 11, 2012
Wow! This cock ring really is amazing. I slipped it on as a surprise during intercourse with my gf and she climaxed within a minute. It does get in the way with certain positions. Also, it was a little bit on the tight side for me. She loves it though, and the sensation it gives me is unique and enjoyable. Will keep using!
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Danielle Pettengill
Dec 31, 2012
Was very excited to see this here b/c I had one in the past and it brought me to orgasm immediately! I've experienced store bought cock rings with vibrators but none do what the bull does. Orgasms while I am on the bottom is not easy and mostly impossible without clitoral stimulation.

Advantages: Best when bull presses against clitoris while my boyfriend was on top. Prefer bottom position with this toy.

Disadvantages: Bull ring can swing around causing the bull head to not stay pressed against clitoris...possibly due to average size cock.
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May 11, 2013
I LOVE this c-ring! Others, and other clit stimulating toys, are made out of rubber that is much harder and ends up hurting more than feeling good. The rubber is so soft and always hits the right spot. I prefer girl-on-top with this toy, as it allows me to put it right where it feels best for me! Never had a problem with battery life. I could see how it may not be as restrictive for him, but no complaints. It's a great beginning/her pleasure toy.

Advantages: Great material.

Disadvantages: None noted.
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Aug 18, 2013
Love this! I bought this and it sat in the drawer for a while, one night we got it out and have gone through three sets of batteries. My wife can't stop riding me when I have this on. Little hint place a pillow under you while she is on top!

Advantages: Makes me last longer and gives her better time.

Disadvantages: None!
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Ryan Boyle
Aug 1, 2014
While I enjoyed the location of the vibe while having sex. I don't like these jelly type cock rings. I like cock rings to hold my balls and cock tight and NOT to break. I broke a few of these. I also don't like watch batteries

Advantages: cheap
location of vibe

Disadvantages: breaks easy
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