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Bridget P
its a toy and skin cleaner
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Feb 3, 2012
This is the only cleanser I've been using on my vibes for years. It works quickly, sprays evenly, and doesn't smell strong. I like that it's gentle enough to spray on my body if necessary. The only bummer is that I purchased some last time I was at Fascinations and the bottle leaked all over my bag before I got home. The skrinkwrapped plastic safety seal was still intact however...I guess next time I'll be more careful.

Advantages: Lasts long, cleans easily, no smell

Disadvantages: Leaked about 1/2 the bottle before I ever opened it
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Mar 3, 2012
This is great! I have a bottle in my toy bag for easy grab and use! ITS a great cleaner, and you can always trust yours toys are clean for use, specially if they just sit in the bedside table! I also love that it can also be used on the skin! Great for friction aftermath (from a good fun session with your significant other)! Has no smell and not greasy/slimey/soapy like some others are.

Advantages: Great for cleaning and skin! Love it!
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Apr 15, 2012
This is a great toy cleaner! Its anti bacterial, and also anti viral, which helps to ward off yeast infections! I keep it in my purse for on-the-go freshness. It's a great toy cleaner, I use it for all of my toys I can't sanitize (boil, dishwasher, etc). I highly recommend it to anyone looking to prolong the life of their toys, soap can be extremely damaging in the long run!

Advantages: Versatile
Small bottle, easy to carry

Disadvantages: Price
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Oct 17, 2012
I always always always have several bottles on hand, so as to never run out. Hygiene is an absolute must and I never skimp when it comes to the cleanliness of my toys. I love that this is an easy spray and the bottle usually last me a good while and the price is not bad, compared to some more pricey ones, this one works just as well.
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Aug 3, 2012
An absolute must for keeping your toys clean and fresh. I've been using this product forever and I really like the results. I've tried others in the past and this is the only one that I've used for any length of time that has not allowed me to get yeast infections. It's gentle on your toys and works on everything. It's a fabulous product and it's one I never allow myself to run out of.

Advantages: Fantastic product!
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Dec 2, 2012
If you actually read what the bottle itself says, this isn't for cleaning your toys, it's for cleaning your SKIN (please be aware of this when the employees try to sell this to you as a toy cleaner). It's for cleaning YOURSELF up after play :)

Also, if you read the ingredients, you'll see that it contains dimethicone, which is a form of silicone, which means that it is NOT OK ti use on silicone toys!

It works nicely as a quick skin refresher after play-time, but I would not recommend for cleaning toys with.

Advantages: Affordable, decent ingredients.

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Dec 28, 2012
Well, I have gone through many of different cleaners for all of my sex toys and this one is definitely a very well working product! It cleans up sex toys real nice and does not have a strong smell to it, which I really like. I have been coming back to this product for a while now and would recommend it to anyone
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Feb 5, 2013
Fascinations Hygienic Spray is wonderful! With it being both anti bacterial and also anti viral, it has helped me avoid yeast infections from toys. Prior to discovering this product, yeast infections happened from time to time. However, since using this on our toys I can't say I've had a dreaded infection since. It's also nice to "freshen up" when needed. It may seem pricey to some people, but for the piece of mind it gives, it's well worth it's price.

Advantages: Easy to use, great for disinfecting toys that can't be boiled, doesn't have bad smell

Disadvantages: n/a
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Mar 5, 2013
House brand products can sometimes be a gamble. Though usually cheaper than name brands they often lack in quality as well. But not is fascinations line of products. My wife and I have a rather large collection of toys so cleaner is a must. We go through bottles of this stuff rather quickly and it's never let us down! No hygiene issues have been experienced while using this product. I recommend it for any couple using toys whether you have one toy, a couple, or a dozen. This stuff is easy to use and gets the job done. It's made especially to clean toys so it's safe and non-toxic. A great buy.
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Rossa Hoffman
May 9, 2013
I bought this a while back and I still have plenty left to use so this does last awhile...pending that you are not using it constantly! It says that it's fragrant free, but maybe they should add one because the smell is not pleasant! It does its job I just wish that it smelt better!

Advantages: Easy to use and affordable

Disadvantages: stinks
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Jul 8, 2013
So I give this stuff away because I love it so much. I am a very over the top clean person especially when it comes to my toys because of all the nasty bacteria and stuff that can grow on them. I was my toys after and I also spray this stuff on before I use a new toy or a toy I have not used in a while just to make sure that it is clean and there is nothing on it like dust or any other chemicals. cheap this stuff last forever and does its job!
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Dec 12, 2013
A five star product for sure! This spray is magic in a bottle. Fragrance free, glycerine free, simple and easy to use. A spray or two on your favorite toy, wipe down, and it's clean! This spray is also safe to use on skin so it is a wonderful personal cleanser for you and your partner before and after play.
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