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Jan 14, 2012
If you're looking for accurate and informative sexual reading, look elsewhere. Paul Joannides's book misses the boat on serious information in an attempt to seem hip, relevant, or edgy. When he reaches subjects he is unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with, such as gay male sex or vaginal fisting, the prose becomes the written equivalent of nervous laughter.

Advantages: If you're a heterosexual couple, looking for some information on your body or how to spice up your sex life gently, you'll probably enjoy this book.

Disadvantages: If your sex falls outside of the mainstream in pretty much any direction, you'll feel invisible and largely underwhelmed.
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S Bowen
We have this book, and I never get tired of its witty comments tinged with informative data. I personally used this book to supplement my Fascinations training, and I reccomend this book to anyone who has the slighest clue to anything about sexuality, for this book covers it all. Matter of fact, my mother owns a copy and shares it with her friends! All in all, this is a great book, and isn't a chore to read.
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Feb 11, 2012
Picked up a copy of this one when I was just "getting started," so to speak. Seems quite comprehensive and is written in a very down-to-earth style. Pretty much any question I could think of (as a straight woman) was addressed, and I still keep it in my nightstand to flip through when I need inspiration.

Advantages: * Clear descriptions, easy to read and informative without being preachy
* Simple, anatomically-correct illustrations
* Cover doesn't feature anything embarrassing so nobody will snicker when it's sitting inconspicuously on your bookshelf

Disadvantages: * Not a ton of information on "non-vanilla" stuff
* Lots of pages, so it takes some flipping to find what you're looking for
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Apr 5, 2012
This book is really fantastic. I've been known to call it the "beside bible" to some of my friends. It has (mostly) everything you need to know about the basics and slightly more of sex. Its a lot of information for a really great price, and I enjoy the tone of the book, as well as the nicely drawn illustrations. The only complaint I have is that some of the stuff they recommend (like using Crisco for anal sex!!) is a little wacky. The general information is nice to soak up, but if you're still wanting some knowledge of sexual accessories (ie LUBE!) I highly recommend stopping by a Fascinations and letting one of their employees educate you!!!

Advantages: Covers a lot of topics
Great for beginners and anyone wanting to brush up on their sexual knowledge

Disadvantages: Some of the info you should use your common sense with, and like I say, when in doubt, ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS!
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Jun 22, 2012
I bought this book when I was first becoming sexually active with my girlfriend, and it's easily the best purchase of my life! The Guide to Getting It On covers an unbelievably vast range of topics pertaining to sex and sexuality. It's guidance has helped my girlfriend and I immensely in our understanding and exploration of sex, and I sincerely shudder to think where we would be without it. The writing is witty, light, and easy to get into, but it does not sacrifice for a moment the ultimate goal of being incredibly informative. To this day, it is still my #1 go-to reference book for matters of intimacy. If you only buy one book about sex in your life, make it this one!

Advantages: Broad range of topics,
Very informative,
Filled with outstanding advice,
Light-hearted, fun to read tone
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Dec 6, 2012
I was first introduced to this book in one of my college Classes called the psychology of human sexuality so I went ahead and bought it and I must say that I really do enjoy this book. It is interesting along with being informative. Definitely a good read and something I think would be good for everyone to read.
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