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Nov 12, 2012
Male here. I have tried several of the popular condoms available on the market. The Kimono Micro thin condoms have proven to be the best feeling out of all the ones I have tried. My girlfriend also agrees that these are the best feeling.

Aside from feeling I also like that they don't have the pungent latex smell that most other condoms have. I have never had one fail.
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S Bowen
These condoms are the best ones my boyfriend and I have found. Not only do they work, but they're super thin and don't deprive him of his sensation like other condoms. A little tricky to put on, due to how thin it is, but I have had NO issues with it breaking.
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Julia L
Jan 15, 2012
Great condoms! The thinnest ones I've found, and they really do feel like there's nothing there. Despite being so thin they don't break or rip. Some issues with the condom rolling up on itself when you put it on, because of how thin it is, but this problem is solved by rolling it down slowly and evenly. However, this issue is minor because of how great it is to find a condom that feels like there isn't a condom.
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Apr 15, 2012
My husband and I love this condom!

For me, I can't really comment on the thin/thick aspect of it but can comment on other aspects. Its a condom and for me, all condoms feel about the same but this does have few advantages. I've always been a Trojan user and this is way better. It isn't overly lubricated like a lot of other ones and it actually doesn't smell as horrid as others as well. With some condoms, I can smell it the moment he opens the packaging but with Kimono, I actually didn't.

For my husband, this is the one he'll be buying from now on. He's always been a Lifestyle snugger fit user but decided to try this one day. What a great decision. He said this actually fits a lot better than Lifestyle and its noticeably thinner. Quite a bit actually. He also agreed it wasn't overly lubricated but didn't notice the smell aspect. He also didn't have any issue with the bottom trying to roll up.

Advantages: Thin, great fit. Not a strong latex smell.
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Jul 9, 2012
Firstly, I'll honesty disclose that I personally feel that my bias in favor of Trojan condoms may have tainted my perspective of kimonos. I used this condom and it felt like a plastic bag for me. I didn't like the lube used, I wasn't a fan of the condom, I could definitely feel that it was there and it felt uncomfortable like a plastic shopping bag. I additionally had a very negative experience the first and last time using this condom; at the end of my experience, right near the ending, it ripped on me and my partner and it was too late to pull out or prevent the incident. I would have rather bought Plan B, had unprotected sex and then take the pill without worries instead of having diminished sex just to worry and not sleep the whole night and run to the pharmacy the next day. My vote is two thumbs down.

Advantages: There are no advantages to this condom in my experience.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of this condom is that they are not durable, they break and they feel like a plastic shopping bag!
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Brittany Laidlaw
Jan 17, 2013
I seriously cannot stand condoms, I think they are extremely uncomfortable and I wan't nothing to do with them. BUT when I was at a point where I had no choice this was my favorite brand of all time, they are on the pricey end of things, but they are worth it. I have been told by my boyfriend he gets the most sensation out of these compared to anything else. I have tried almost every single brand, this is the best.

Advantages: Smooth, No horrid smell and made extremely well.

Disadvantages: Price, very thing (Have to be extra careful)
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Nov 21, 2013
My favorite condoms to use. These are the thinnest I can find on sale in the United States. Never had one break on me, (except once for clumsy anal). It's either these or Crowns. But I think these have a bit more lube on them.

Advantages: Very thin and reliable. Fit well for medium/average sized.

Disadvantages: I wish they put a bit more lube on them instead of having to add saliva.
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Feb 13, 2014
I love those condoms! They're "micro thin" which guarantees lots of sensation for both parties. I've never had one break - they're very reliable. In the past I've used Trojan and various other no-name brands, but these are the best by far. There also isn't an excessively rubbery smell like with other brands, which is a definite upside. The only downside is that they can be a bit snug for bigger men.

Advantages: Thin but reliable, great sensations, no pungent smell

Disadvantages: Can be a bit snug for larger than average men
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Barely There
Jun 27, 2014
I love Japanese style condoms. I read somewhere they provide a snugger fit. Whatever it is it allowed for much more feeling for myself. My bf however said that it wasn't much difference for him. He didn't say they were a whole lot better or worse. I was way more into it because it felt more like he wasn't wearing one. We all hate condoms but since we want to be safe these are some of the best in my opinion.
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