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Nikkita about  Crystal Kegel Eggs :
Jul 8, 2012
I approached these Kegel Eggs with curiosity and decided to purchase them for the fun on it! Prior to purchasing this product I inquired about two burning questions that were on my mind: can these glass eggs chip inside a user if they clink together causing glass shards to disperse and can they be used for anal play and stimulation if I wanted to keep one for myself and give one to my male partner? The answer to the first inquiry was no, the glass eggs pose no threat of breaking inside a user and the contraction of a user's muscles would not be strong enough to chip the eggs. This answer came as a relief to me. The second question was answered with a no as well, small glass products without a tether should not be inserted into the rectum because they can essentially be taken up and swallowed, causing medical difficulty. I was told that the composure of the vagina and anus were immensely different: all things inserted into the vagina will come out by the nature of gravity's principles however the same is not true for the anus which can easily uptake items. When I brought these eggs home, I immediately began playing with them, I inserted them and began experimenting. The set came with an informational handout that explains how to properly do Kegel exercises, I have yet to look at the manual, hence why I rated this product a four out of five stars. Despite my lack of instructional direction, I gained an immense somatic awareness of very intimate parts of my body which was very rewarding and has helped me since relate more and connect with lower regions of my body.

Advantages: The advantages of this product are numerous! The Crystal Kegel Eggs are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, they are functional and extremely safe to use. I accidentally fell asleep with them inside me (not recommended and I warn users against this mistake) and I woke up the next morning and removed them safely. I have heard wonderful things from friends that have expressed that following the exercise manual can increase vaginal muscular control, helping women become tighter and increasingly orgasmic. From my personal experience, the somatic awareness that it cultivated for me was rewarding and made me feel close and connected to my body which is a powerful experience.

Disadvantages: The only and very mild disadvantage of this product is that occasionally they can be chilly to insert, something that is preventable by rubbing them in between hands, resting them in a cup of warm water or holding them between thighs.
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Tessa about  My First Jack Rabbit:
Jan 18, 2012
I absolutely love this toy! I just got it and it's the best yet. The little rabbit is amazing to have against my clit. The balls in the toy make a sensation of pleasure in so many levels. Itís super convenient when wanting a relaxing bath with fun. I highly recommend this toy.
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Alison K about  Ultimate Anal Sex For Women:
I can't say enough good things about this book! As a visual aide and teaching guide to your own anatomy, this book is tops! Written by the unbelievably knowledgeable Tristan Taormino, this book teaches you things about your own anatomy you would have never been aware of otherwise! From which anal lubricant gets the best results, to safe anal sex pracitces, this book serves as a fantastic reference point! This book brings into light our society's aversion to anal sex, and why all those stuff-shirts are missing out on something wonderful! Real-life testimonials, anatomical diagrams, gender-friendly explanations, this book has it all! A must-have, right alongside all other sex-ed books!
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Jess about  A Chain:
Jan 22, 2012
This is a fabulous toy for couples that want to experiment with anal play. The toy is soft and pliable, easy on the body. The varying size of the beads allow the receiver to insert as much or as little of the toy as they want. It is also important that any anal toy has a stopper or a ring on it, such as this one does, so that the toy doesn't get sucked up into the body. It is also great that this toy is one single silicone piece, as opposed to traditional anal beads that are literally beads on a string and can become detached and lodged in the body. I would recommend this highly for anyone interested in anal play. And pull the toy out gently! Don't tug it like you're trying to start a lawnmower.
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Jack about  Pussy Pleaser:
Feb 11, 2012
Are you tired of using a cheap hard plastic vibrator? Do you want something smooth on your kitty? Well this is the perfect toy for you!

This can be applied too the female and be used as a vibrator. This toy also features little stud gelly things inside to increase the amount of pleasure delivered. The vibrations from this toy do not seem too intense, so some women might have some trouble getting off.

Advantages: Comfortable fit
Small and easy to use

Disadvantages: Vibrations are not that intense
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anonymous about  Super Head Honcho:
Oct 28, 2012
This product is mutually beneficial and I personally LOVE the benefits it gives! It can be used on its own with lube as a masterbator. OR it can be used during felatio for an incredibly intense experience. Why mutually beneficial you ask? Because it feels great for the guy, and shortens the amount of work the "giver" has to do. LOVE IT.
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Brianna S about  Kegal Balls:
These kegel exercisers would be a great addition to anyone's collection. They are made from body safe material, easy to clean, easy to insert and remove, and can be felt easily The weighted balls inside are super sensitive to any movement (I could feel them moving while sitting when someone walked past on wood floor) but are also very quiet and discreet. Definitely my favorite of the kegel exercisers I own!
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Herman B about  Mens Pleasure Wand Charcoal:
I am in love with this toy.... I have been partnered for quite a few years and he is jealous of this toy!! I reccomend this toy to any guy who is curious about prostate stimulation or for the pro who knows what to expect.... This toy will curl your toes and roll your eyes back and give you the chills..... Love It.
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Big T. about  Real Touch:
I'll tell you what. Save your self thousands of dollars and lots of headaches by getting one of these over a real woman. This thing will "do you", until you are done. It doesn't get tired, it doesn't complain and it only cost $250. If I would have had the real touch 20 years ago I would be a rich man today.
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I am a average size man ( Penis size), at least I think I am. My wife has never complained about size or girth. But I always thought she would enjoy more. I was wright. She sure does. She does not always want it . but it sure has increased her pleasure. It also works great for me by allowing me to go longer before I shoot my load. It feels realistic as well. I feel confident using this extension. My wife Is taller than me. Her vagina has room for more. I feel this delivers it.
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