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Liquid Silk 250ml

Liquid Silk 250mlLiquid Silk 250ml

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Liquid Silk 250ml 0
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Price: $24.99


Feel The Luxury Of Liquid Silk!

Liquid Silk could be the lubricant that you have been waiting for all your life. This revolutionary new formula has the potential to turn every night of lovemaking into a marathon session. Many lovers stick to short and sweet sessions because they get sore from the friction of skin rubbing together. Just a squirt of creams like Liquid Silk is all you need to stay slick and ready to go for an entire evening of pleasure.

The Best Of The Lubricants:

  • Combines medical grade silicone particles in a thick, whipped, water based solution
  • Biostatic formula stops the spread and multiplication of bacteria and fungi
  • Safe for use with condoms
  • Designed to keep sensitive skin intact and free from irritation
  • Works equally well for masturbation, anal sex or vaginal penetration
  • Acts as a first class moisturizer, leaving skin in better condition

Thick Without Being Sticky

Some gel style lubricants quickly become very sticky. They tend to increase friction rather than reducing it. The silicone in this mixture prevents the water based formula from drying out during sex, preventing any problems with tackiness. A single drop will lube you up again if you take a break and give the Liquid Silk a chance to dry. Product Specifications

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Jul 9, 2012
When I first touched Liquid Silk, I almost shivered, the smooth texture is tantalizing and I was taken aback by discovering a lubricant that wasn't oily or sticky. This personal lubricant should be renamed Liquid Nirvana. Liquid Silk is luxurious, decadent, and enhances intimate moments with an increased feeling of creamy bliss. This lubricant is wonderful for couples and additionally fantastic for individuals. Liquid Silk is one of the rare and unique products that rivals life's inherent creativity and pleasure in a compact bottle.

Advantages: The advantages of Liquid Silk are all about texture. This product can enhance intimate moments for individuals and couples, drawing people closer to pleasure and increasing appreciation fr life's already gratifying acts.

Disadvantages: There is one major disadvantage of Liquid Silk which is highly disappointing. This product contains parabens; parabens are a chemical commonly used in cosmetics as a preserving agent. There is controversy arguing that parabens are toxic and the correlations between paraben exposure and cancer are too prevalent to ignore and others debating that parabens are safe. The fact of the matter is that parabens can mimic estrogen which is a hormone that researchers have found to be linked to the causation of breast cancer. This topic is wildly debated and controversial. I generally try to avoid products with parabens however Liquid Silk is my indulgence.
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Apr 24, 2012
My cousin had actually recommend me this product (as well as other silk) products. According to him this product would make it feel amazing for the man.

Now let me tell you this: IT DOES.

Imagine sliding into your woman and feeling her nice, warm, tight insides.

Now Imagine that SAME feeling, only 10 times smoother, more delicious, tantalizing, sexually satisfying! Oh it makes quite a new and intense experience! highly recommend you wear rubber if you like to bareback for the first time, just so you get the hang of it and dont blow in 30 seconds hahaha

Advantages: Orgasmic
Silky internal feeling
Long lasting
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Mar 17, 2012
This is my favorite lube. Great texture, long lasting, never gets sticky or gross. It tastes like lube, not terrible or chemically, but it doesn't taste yummy or invisible.

Advantages: Slippery, doesn't end up sticky later, long lasting, not greasy, compatible with silicone toys.

Disadvantages: Ounce for ounce it costs more than a single malt 12 year scotch.
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mitch willsher
Aug 22, 2014
This lube is very silky smooth. It does not smell. The push pump is great. However it looks like you have been come all over I have noticed that this is a slight turnoff. I'm a visual person, if you don't like to watch or this doesn't bother you I highly recommend this product. It is nice and slippery without being too thin.

Advantages: Push pump, silky smooth, scent.

Disadvantages: Looks like someone else just did the dirty with your girl haha.
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Dec 7, 2013
its a little pricy for what you get. i mean its good, and it will keep you from getting sore, quickly, but if you're planning an all day thing, you'll need something stronger. if you have sensitive skin i think this would be for you. and the pump and bottle make it clean and easy to dispense and it travels pretty well

Advantages: the pump makes it clean and easy to use

Disadvantages: no special features; just an average lube
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Liquid Silk 250ML
Rated by the experts as one of the best lubes on the market. A water based personal lubricant with just a touch of silicone.
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