Crystal Kegel Eggs

Crystal Kegel Eggs Crystal Kegel Eggs Crystal Kegel Eggs PinkCrystal Kegel Eggs Pink

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Crystal Kegel Eggs 0
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100% hygienically superior borosilicate glass. Crystal Kegel Eggs include a silk storage bag. Measure 1.75" x 1".

Lets talk about kegel exercises, shall we? Many women do not know the benefits of it. The aim is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, resulting in physical and sexual benefits. When the muscles have been strengthened through regular exercise, it can result in an orgasm that will put you on cloud nine and leave you there. Stronger muscles equals stronger contractions, which means better orgasms. This exercise is simple: contracting and releasing the kegel muscles - just like the involuntary contraction you feel during the big O.

These crystal kegel eggs will help you target and isolate your kegel muscles. To do the exercise correctly, you have to lift and contract the pelvic floor. The kegel eggs give the muscles something to lift.

The Crystal Kegel Eggs from NS Novelties are beautiful and vibrant, high quality glass. For extra stimulation, experiment with thermal play! These eggs can be heated or cooled to add a wonderful sensation while strengthening your PC muscles.

  • 100% premium grade hand-blown glass
  • Non-porous and hygienic. Easy to clean.
  • Small and discreet
  • 1.75" x 1"
  • Includes silk storage bag and detailed instruction manual outlining PC muscle exercises designed to provide pleasure and maintain muscle control.
These kegel exercisers also come in a larger size! Product Specifications

1.75" inch(s)
1" inch(s)
Set Includes
Silk storage bag
1.50 lbs
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(8 reviews)  

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Jul 8, 2012
I approached these Kegel Eggs with curiosity and decided to purchase them for the fun on it! Prior to purchasing this product I inquired about two burning questions that were on my mind: can these glass eggs chip inside a user if they clink together causing glass shards to disperse and can they be used for anal play and stimulation if I wanted to keep one for myself and give one to my male partner? The answer to the first inquiry was no, the glass eggs pose no threat of breaking inside a user and the contraction of a user's muscles would not be strong enough to chip the eggs. This answer came as a relief to me. The second question was answered with a no as well, small glass products without a tether should not be inserted into the rectum because they can essentially be taken up and swallowed, causing medical difficulty. I was told that the composure of the vagina and anus were immensely different: all things inserted into the vagina will come out by the nature of gravity's principles however the same is not true for the anus which can easily uptake items. When I brought these eggs home, I immediately began playing with them, I inserted them and began experimenting. The set came with an informational handout that explains how to properly do Kegel exercises, I have yet to look at the manual, hence why I rated this product a four out of five stars. Despite my lack of instructional direction, I gained an immense somatic awareness of very intimate parts of my body which was very rewarding and has helped me since relate more and connect with lower regions of my body.

Advantages: The advantages of this product are numerous! The Crystal Kegel Eggs are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, they are functional and extremely safe to use. I accidentally fell asleep with them inside me (not recommended and I warn users against this mistake) and I woke up the next morning and removed them safely. I have heard wonderful things from friends that have expressed that following the exercise manual can increase vaginal muscular control, helping women become tighter and increasingly orgasmic. From my personal experience, the somatic awareness that it cultivated for me was rewarding and made me feel close and connected to my body which is a powerful experience.

Disadvantages: The only and very mild disadvantage of this product is that occasionally they can be chilly to insert, something that is preventable by rubbing them in between hands, resting them in a cup of warm water or holding them between thighs.
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Mar 29, 2013
I was really interested with these kegel balls. I have these and another set actually. These however were my first but not favorite purchase. I thought they were really pretty, and me being a girl bought them for that reason. They looked really cute and clinical so I thought that they would be safer to go inside of me. Even though they are made of glass I didn;t think they would break inside of me or anything like that. I didn't really have much help in store with buying these, which is why I ended up going back for a better pair. These guys were interesting. I thought they were going to give me some kind of pleasure. Yes I fell to the 50 Shades of Grey prank and thought that even though Im not a virgin that they would give me some kind of yearning pleasure. they didnt. but they did help my muscles. Slipping them in, and keeping them in were easy. Getting them out kind of made me nervous. It took me a while to shake them free, but they both plopped out after about 10 minutes of naked dancing on my bed. Overall they weren't bad, but I found a better option.

Advantages: Cute,
Egg Shape made them feel more comfortable,
Easy insertion and clean up

Disadvantages: Did not provide any kind of pleasure like I hoped,
Took a while for them to fall out of me,
Kind of wasted my money on them since I found a better option.
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Oct 18, 2012
I have been extremely curious of these eggs, but had concerns with the fact that they were glass. Once the sales person explained that it was not possible for the glass to break it helped set my mind at ease. I decided to purchase them for fun, I couldn't wait to get home and immediately began playing with them. The sales person gave me several tips on how to use these new toys and after reading the informational handout I began to explore these magical eggs and have since gained an incredible awareness which has proven to be very rewarding not just for me but for my husband as well.

Advantages: You can use the eggs at room temperture or you can heat them in water or cool them off by putting in the refrigerator for a few minutes and they're super easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Do not try to insert these without lube.
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Oct 26, 2012
I will admit that I was incredibly nervous before trying this product for the first time. The thing I noticed initially was that there is no STRING. So I worried they may get stuck. The lady who assisted me in purchasing them assured me that this would not happen. I could push them out and gravity, of course, would do the trick. These have helped me immensely with achieving orgasm like never before. Discreet and easy to clean. I really love these kegel eggs!
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Jun 24, 2014
Kegels are such an important exercise, and all woman should do them! I bought these to add to my collection of Kegel ball. I enjoy y these, however the tear drop shape is something i am trying to get used to, as most my collection are round.

Advantages: Very pretty. Well made/good product

Disadvantages: The tear drop/egg shape is a bit odd.
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