DETOX Your Bath or Shower Routine

The makeup bag—tied intrinsically to vanity as it is—is often the first place we look when trying to detoxify our daily beauty routines. But the shower (and bath, and the body products we often use afterwards) exposes us more directly to toxins in a number of ways, and is often the biggest culprit in terms of potential hormone disrupting, cancer-causing, unregulated (and often-unlabeled), toxic compounds. Whether you’re worried about parabens, phthalates, colorants, fragrances, preservatives, irritants, or even just plain old pollutants (this stuff does go down the drain, after all), conventional bath and body products—and especially hair products—are serious offenders. The level of exposure depends on how often you shower or bath, and the number of products you use, but it adds up quickly; the conventional beauty industry’s argument that “the dose makes the poison” seems especially weak in this space, since the dose—often daily, involving multiple products used all over the body—is pretty significant. Here, six reasons why the shower is the best place to start a clean beauty swap, plus our favorite clean, non-toxic options to start the new healthier you with.


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