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  • Top 3 Fascinations Toys To Take Anywhere!

    You Can Take These 3 Sex Toys With You Literally Anywhere You Go On flights, you get one carry-on and one personal item. But security needn't know how personal. A third of women travel with a sex toy, per a new survey. Here, three of our fave sneaky and packable...
  • Grand Opening Success!

    Yesterday was the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of our newest Fascinations location in Scottsdale, AZ. The turnout was a huge success! Lots of fun, memories, and education! With just over 250 people to help us celebrate, and share in food and drink, awesome giveaways, and some fun pictures...
  • Shower Play Anyone?

  • The Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Tackling Women's Sexual Health Taboos

    There are many misconceptions and lack of discussion surrounding women's sexual health. Here we break down sex taboos that women are afraid to talk about. Fact #1 - VAGINAL DISCHARGE IS TOTALLY NORMAL - AND IMPORTANT Have you ever taken off your undies in front of a partner and been...
  • Improving Male Manual Masturbation

    Guest Submission Credit: Jack, Founder: KnownMan.com When we talk about manual masturbation we are referring to masturbation with your hand and penis, with nothing else involved. Manual masturbation is fine, but it’s unlikely to blow your mind. Just like people with vaginas often use fingers, but far prefer vibrators, masturbating...
  • Reunited at the 2017 Emmy Awards!

    The 9-5 crew is back again making big statements and even bigger jokes. 9-5 stars Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda team up with Dolly Parton to keep the crowd rolling!
  • A Vibrant Interview with Alicia Sinclair & Stephanie Stone

    When it comes to anal play, there has been very little toy innovation in terms of body-safe materials, powerful motors, gender neutral packaging, and education around having the most pleasurable anal experience — until we met Alicia Sinclair, Founder of b-Vibe! After first touching the toys and talking about all...
  • Is it normal to use intimacy toys?

    Blog Credit: Le Wand It’s pretty common to wonder if we are the only ones doing something, when in reality what we are doing is totally normal. This is especially true for sexual experiences, largely due to societal influences. Instead of openly talking about sex, society suggests that the subject...
  • Dr. Jennifer Berman Stimulates Conan With "The Womanizer" - CONAN on TBS

    Sex expert Dr. Berman introduces Conan to a state-of-the-art vibrator that is said to mimic oral pleasure. SHOP NOW: Womanizer To Go

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